CrimeKick uses postal codes to generate nearby crime statistics and news while preventing other users or CrimeKick from knowing your location. Your exact postal code is shared among several other houses (19 on average) and is not shared with other users on CrimeKick.

Other CrimeKick users who are within your nearby radius will know you are within 1KM of them, but they will not be able to see your postal code.

CrimeKick uses your email address to confirm registration and prevent spam accounts / users who are banned from easily creating multiple accounts.

Your email address is not shared or shown publicly to other users on CrimeKick.

CrimeKick offers both SMS and email notifications for nearby crime occurrences. After creating an account, navigate to your profile and fill out the fields to receive notifications.

All crime data, including the heat-map, nearby crimes, and Thunder Bay crimes are updated every hour.

Please email us with your postal code along with what ward you were assigned and we will adjust the ward settings.